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Minnesota Outsource Communications, MNOutComms, is an award-winning Minneapolis-based design studio that provides strategic communications and original content to create your unique, targeted web site.

Your web site is the first, best introduction you will have with potential customers and it works 24-7, every day of the year! Often overlooked is the fact that your web site is also the go-to background source for the news media, potential employees, advertisers, your competitors, comparison shoppers and others seeking information about your business. It is critical that your web says and shows exactly what you want it to.

We design custom informational web sites specific to your business brand. No WordPress or other off-the-shelf, fill-in-the-blank templates. We create original and ongoing branded content that is fundamental to any modern enterprise.

MNOutComms provides you with the dedicated professional resources necessary to develop the full potential of your enterprise at a very reasonable cost (around $2,000). Services include original graphics, photography, video production & generation of text content.

Here is a representative sampling of MNOutComms sites:


For more examples of artwork, original photography, and other demo styles, visit the  EXTRAS Pages.

What Next?

You've decided that you need a web site but aren't really sure where to start? Just give me a call and I will be happy to explain the process and answer your specific questions.

Brian Halliday - lead designer        952-925-2892 

MNOutComms is located in
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA


  Email: hello@mnoutcomms.com


  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Text Content
  • Photography
  • Video Production


Web Design

Summit Creative award

Gold Award

Web Design

" . . . it's the most visually / personally "branded" site I've seen and its imagery stays with me."

"The site is exactly what we wanted!! We loveeeee it!"

"Thank you so much for your swift work in getting the web site live. It looks amazing."

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